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Sorry didn't understand the premise of this site

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In essence, LSM is for Large Scale Models (of aircrafts and armour, implicitly).

But there is an area for Non-LSM WiP threads, where you can even post a 1/72 aircraft build (aaaaargh ! ;) ) !

And this is a pretty oecumenical site. I have yet to see anyone protesting about a non-LSM build. At worst, you would get get your build thread transferred to another area of the site.

So, finally, welcome to LSM. I love the rusting of the Porsche.


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I build both 48th scale  and 32nd scale aircraft and my thought is the NON LSM Forum needs to be moved as it is in a terrible location - the bottom of the pile - last on the ladder of forums. It should be moved to just after LSM Works in Progress and before all the other LSM forums, as it is a build forum and non of the others are all.

LSM Finished Work Forums are specific: one for aircraft and one for armor.  There should be a third for ships, cars, trucks and all else.

Keep 'em comin


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