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Lead wire (various shapes/sizes)

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Lead Wire

Various packs, all €2,70 each





I've bought various packs and spools of lead wire over the years. Much of it has been pretty poor quality being inconsistent in diameter or already oxidised upon receipt. One of those is a very well known make for modellers too. One thing it all had in common was that it was just basic wire, i.e. round in section. 

Artscale have released SIX new packs of beautifully bright lead wire, and none of this lot is round. FOUR of these packets are half round, which I will find great for forming multiple cable runs in wheel bays etc. and the other TWO are flat! Why flat? Why not! There have been times I've wanted to run thin, flat conduits in detail areas, and this stuff would have been just perfect for that. Also great for diorama details like lightning conductor straps etc.

There's not a lot more I can write about lead wire, so please check out the products on the Artscale website. There you will find specifics on the sizes of wire in each pack

My sincere thanks to Artscale for the packs seen here. Head over now and treat yourself so some lead wire that actually looks very useable!




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Thanks for showing the product. I have lead wire from Plusmodel in different diameters, which is fine too. It's round shaped, but when I needed it rectangular, I flattened it easily using flat pliers or a piece of flat metal. I use that method for producing levers for WNW dashboards, which are flat and angled and for one side flattened cables, works great.

Cheers Rob

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