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Draeger Oxygen Systems - Luftwaffe WW2


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I had the opportunity to take some pictures in the reception area at the Draeger facility in Lübeck / Germany

Draeger have been producing oxygen systems for german aircraft from the early stages of aviation until today.

They still produce old systems for restored and flyable machines like the Me 262, Bf 109 and Fw 190.










These pressure reservoirs were installed in the inner part of the wings of the Me 262.



Altitude Respirator for Seat-Parachute:



Gegenstand: [item:]

Atemgerät Höhenfallschirm [Altitude Parachute Respirator]

Eigentümer: [Owner:]

Erprobungsstelle Rechlin [Testing Centre Rechlin]

Eingangs-Datum: [Date of Receipt:]

5. Feb. 1943



Cockpit Instruments:


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