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39 minutes ago, smitty44 said:

...Academy kits at Sprue so you can pick up the AH-1Z for about 48 bucks or so. Just built one and it was a fun build.

Yes, I just got an email from SB saying so. I've really grown a liking for the Brothers.

They're a great source for models and supplies. The big T 34 I just got was from them.

I was able to get $16 off the price because of the rewards point thing they have. Every

little bit helps. And because of my location shipping is fast. That cobra you posted

looked like an excellent kit and your build was exceptional. Something to think about.



Paul the Belugawhaleman.

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26 minutes ago, biggtim said:

(shudder)...you said 48. That's a little too close to scale blasphemy for me. 

Scale blasphemy? Yes, if you mean a lot of money for the scale, but in the hands of a talented modeler the results of a smaller scale build can be priceless. I recently

looked at the new Tamiya f-14 release by Tamiya.......$103.00 for a 1/48 scale kit ? jeeez! I would love

to build it...but. The 1/16 Trumpy  T 34 seems like a better value given its size and

parts count but admittedly, the mold quality is nowhere near Tamiya quality although

pretty nice. 

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