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The Old Man Blog: ZM Bf109 Update


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The Old man's blog is jammed packed with good, positive and welcome news. I'm eagerly waiting the release of both the 109 and 190 and will most likely pre-order the 109 from Volks which will include a figure of Eric Hartmann.

2022 is looking like a banner year for large scale modelers - much appreciation and thanks to the 'Old man' for his update.


Keep 'em comin


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Wow, that looks really fantastic!

Also noted that they are re-releasing the Shinden and Horton Ho 229.  I have to say, this type of honesty and candor from Z-M on the Shinden is really cool to see.  Even though I haven't built a Z-M kit yet (waiting to get my skills up before tackling the ones in my stash), statements like this make me a real fan of the company.

As a very early work from Zoukei-Mura, it still has some issues with roughness and difficult assembly. Nevertheless, it is a kit with an impressive form, and you will surely feel an indescribable sense of achievement when you conquer its assembly. 

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