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Focke-Wulf Ta 154 "Moskito" Kagero Monograph 3D Edition #51


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Focke-Wulf Ta 154


Monograph 3D Edition #51

Marek J. Murawski / Marek Ryś
Kagero Books (3051)
Available from
Kagero for €20,40





Have you ever stared at a black and white photograph from ww2 studying construction and dimensions? Trying to look into black portions of shadows and making out what goes where? I have, and it's almost impossible. You need multiple photographs from various angles to understand a wheel bay or engine mounting. With 3D software being put to it's full use in the modeling world, it was only a matter of time before entire vehicles were rendered in Cad programs to be dissected in a book. Kagero has done just that, giving the avid modeler grip and understanding of a subject. Marek Rys' 3D work is true magic. His renderings need a second and maybe third look to discern between real and unreal :)


This latest 3D Monograph edition cover the Focke-Wulf Ta154 inside and out. A welcome addition to my reference library, since this subject is not widely covered. If you want to model this plane in 1/32, you'll have to scratch it or use the ID models Vacform kit. Jerry Rutman made a detail set for this 'model' with gear and pit.

However, I'm sure it won't take long before a brand like Revell decides to cover this beauty too.


What's in the book?

History, drawings, profiles and lots and lots of 3D renderings full airframe and separate subassemblies.



The first chapter explains the german demand for a Luftwaffe counterpart of the British Mosquito. A wooden airframe that would utilize the large stocks of Jumo 211 engines. A plane that would be a good platform for conventional bombing runs and a night fighter version to defend german cities against RAF night bombings. Kurt Tank himself supervised this project from scratch himself. We get photographs of the first mock-ups, prototypes and Kurt Tank flying the first prototype himself. 


This chapter cover: origins of the design, prototypes, production aircraft and the use and evaluation.








Modelers heaven

After having covered the history, the modeler is treated to a nice set of 5 drawings sheets in 1/72 scale by Marek Rys showing front, side and top plans of the Ta 154.




Two pages further on and the drawings come to life in amazing 3D renderings of the Ta 154 from different angles. This goes on for several pages and is followed by interesting close ups. The close ups cover the FuG 220 antennas, gun ports, cockpit framing and fuselage, wing and engine details.






The cockpit is one of those aircraft section that can be sketchy at times. Well, not with this book no more. Instrument panel, left console, right console, close ups, switches, gunsight… nothing is left unrendered! 




On to the gun bay. After rendering the plane with open gun bays, Marek takes out the guns and renders them separate, to give us and idea of the structures. Both the MG 151 and MK108 canons come to their right in this section of the book.




The same is done to the gear. Separated from the plane, to solely focus on the parts we need to understand. Even the retraction sequence is covered.




I guess it's superfluous to mention that I'm in love with these series (actually they had me with the Fokker D.VII book…). 



104 pages. A4 size. Full color. Soft cover. Glossy finish.


This books is made to give the modeler a tight grip on his subject. It takes away any guessing on structural level. I'm keeping it on the shelf until a 1/32 Ta 154 hits the shelf. In the meantime you can practice on the 1/48 version by Dragon, ProModeler or Revell.



Very highly recommended


Our sincere thanks to Kagero Publishing for the review sample. To purchase directly, click HERE.


Jeroen Peters

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Does it have a break down of it's construction? So you could do a wooden version like Jim did with his Natter?

Hi Benjamin,


I has a description of the materials and locations and it is also shown in photographs. I does not feature the materials in special drawings however.




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