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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Welcome to this new sub-forum in LSM!


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Welcome to all WnW Fans to this area of LSM, here WnW kits and everything related are the centre of modeling universe! :)

Feel free to post any question, wip or full build model...:)


My kindest regards to LSM Staff to provide this area to WnW Facebook fans, a page that grow up so quickly in recente past, also a lot to thank to LSM!


Cheers to all of you my friends!

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Yes, well I love my WnW, they bring out the best and worst in me.


I'd like a Fokker Dr.1 for 2014 and if WnW don't deliver this iconic aircraft, then I say bugger them!

and I'll do the spoked wheels for..



Crash and burn, no happy landings today :(


Oh, and I'd also like some undercarriage in white metal, thanks.

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I remain aghast at the fantastic work the creators,admins ,etc of LSM have done.Not without help.It would not have happenned if the equivalent team from WNW Fans had not "gone with it" No idea actually who approached who........nor should it matter to the avid viewer.

 Simply said,the rightful love of WNW could have at worst split 2 great sites,or at best,complicated things as we we switched sites to follow builds.Keep it up Guys,you are creating model heaven.I hope this is a lasting marrige.

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