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Buffalo MPCV with Bar Armor and CROWS II

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Hey folks! I'm brand new to the LSM pages and am a full time member of the Temecula Valley Model Club. Just a great group of modelers! Well, here's some WIP pics of my Buffalo that I started about 3 months ago! I did scratch build the MEAP Armor on the sides (white styrene looking boxes). The Bar armor above the stand-off armor was also modified to fit directly on top of the MEAP Armor. Overall, it took about a good 40-50 hours to put the Bar Armor together. Lots of small details inside and out. Anyways, have a look and send some feed back! I'll start with the interior shots first! Any questions, don't hesitate to ask! *Image intensive*






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Got some paint work done on the Buffalo the other day. I made an attempt to try the "hairspray" technique. It didn't quite pan out like I wanted it to. Oh well! No worries, it has a good base coat of a rust color that I can play with. I'll post more of the final color and some detail painting in the next couple days. post-716-0-94474400-1384323322_thumb.jpgpost-716-0-49065700-1384323359_thumb.jpg

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Got some main painting and detail painting done today as well as adding the wheels and checking to make sure all six sit flat on the ground. I'll be doing a bit more detail painting done tomorrow and start an oil wash as well. Antannae wires still need to be added along with some stowage. Other wise, should be done in the next couple of weeks!



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