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Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190D-11 Conversion

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Howdy folks,


Good to see the forums back up and running. I guess I have to re-post all my builds now!

I built this model in 2012, and it's based on the old "High Grade" Dora kit from Hasegawa, which itself was based on their even older Fw 190A kit from the early '70s. A friend donated some JRutman parts for a D-11 conversion, and the project was away! The cockpit is an old Verlinden set, the prop blades are from JRutman, the wing cannon fairings are from Eagle Editions, and the markings are a combination of EagleCals and stuff from the spares box. There are some other bits and bobs from various sources too, including the new-tool Hasegawa kits.


Anyway, enough babbling, on with the photos!











Thanks for looking.


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That's a sweet build Kev. I love the JV44 schemes. I still feel like building another.


Great to see you here too. I hope you'll share your work with us....that He 162 perhaps?

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Thanks fellas! This was a tough build due to the Frankenstein nature of its assorted bits.


Hi Kev!!

Great to see you here!

I love this dora. Haven't seen this build of yours before.

Very very crisp.


Thanks Jeroen. I'm pretty sure you would have seen this over on LSP? Anyway, it's worth checking out the build thread for all the gory details.



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