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The Great LSP Twins Group Build Starts Jan 24, 2024 - End July 3, 2024 ×

Leopard 2A6M Early Version

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Looks good to me. This place is not overly supportive of armor builds though.

​Looks even better in person. As far as LSM support, that will change through participation. I realize that posting in the armor section here can  e like having a conversation with yourself. Not much fun. LSM is a relative new place for us sniffers of the styrene to hang out. Just go to a show and see for yourself. The amount of 'wingy thingies" will almost always out number us "target" builders.  We need to build up the interest. I have 101 members in the model club I run out here in SoCal. I will introduce my members of the large scale planes and armor genre to LSM. But I will, don't pardon the pun, target the ground pounders. I have started with Jason (Armorguy21). He has won more awards than I have finished kits. Starting next week, after things have slowed down at the home front, I will start the recruiting faze. Ideas on armor group builds and so on. Get builders to post pictures. I have accumulated contacts with club officers over the last 4 1/2 years. I will hit them up. I'll see if I can get IPMS Baja to swing on by for "Happy Hour". They are almost exclusively tank builders. Won't happen over night. But it will happen. OK…..I'm done….time for a beer.  

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NICELY DONE!! -- I, for one, am closely following armor builds here :)


I am a new builder, and living on a disability income, so my entry into the hobby has been slow.........but I do read, follow and comment as much as possible. (I don't spend a lot of time "online", as I find it to be a time waster). Finally got my modeling area fixed up, and most of my paint & tools rounded up, and my wife was nice enough to help me get my "first build".......a Tamiya 1/25 T-34/85 -- ( I "chickened" out and decided to do a solid color paint job first ). :)


I agree that I hope "armor" picks up here. and especially in the "larger" scales ( 1/16, 1/24, 1/25 ). I realize those are not the "cool" scales, or near the most popular, but it's what I hope to build because I suffer from old age, bad eyes, and fat fingers................(lol)


Jim J. -- "olfogey"

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Well done...that slat isn't easy and you've done a great job with it....scares the hell out of me but it's a kit that's soon to be in my rotation.


Good work on the weathering too...most modellers tend to be really heavy handed when it comes to the dust and dirt in Afghanistan, and yes the real vehicles are very dusty but it never quite comes off in scale, less is more in this case I think. You've handled it very well in my opinion.


My only critique would be I think the green is a bit "hot"...now it might be my monitor or the colour balance in the photo, you' really can't tell until you see the piece up close and personal, that's the only thing that sticks out with me,  that I see that's a minor one at that.


Really nicely done..and the slat is really, really well done, very impressed.





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Thanks guys! Believe or not, this slat set was the easiest set I've put together! The hardest part was the mounting points and support brackets. And to get the dusty look I used Flory models sand wash over a very glossy coat, wiped most of it down and gave a flat coat and then one more over spray of sand wash to blend it all together. That was after the normal weathering job I give my tracked vehicles. I was going for the "we just in-country" look.

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Oh by the way, I was using this vehicle as how I was going to apply my camo scheme. Interesting because when they painted this vehicle the didn't apply the brown and black to the upper parts of the hull sides and rear back, unlike their German counterparts where the whole vehicle has the camo pattern all over the vehicle. It might explain why the green looks "hot".



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I really like your build. As a fan of the Leopard series, I think you truly caught the "look" of the late Leo. So Glad you did the slat armour, it scares me away! The weathering is very convincing. Your research, color photos of a real camo job, I will save for future reference.


Bill Winkes

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