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The 1:32 Meteor F.4 is coming!

James H

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Hi guys and gals,


I've had to keep this under wraps for a few days in case it didn't happen, but I can tell you that at Scale Model World today, the LSM team took possession of the final release sprues of the forthcoming HK Models Gloster Meteor F.4! This is an un-boxed kit, with no manual, and will give us a first look at this pretty damn smart looking kit. We'll give you plenty of photos and a dry fit of the main components for you.


In future, we'll also receive the boxed version for you to see.


We have a few images of a completed test shot on our Facebook page.


The LSM team had a very fruitful meeting with HK Models also, and we'll be bringing you more news and reviews in the future.


Exciting times here!

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Ben makes a good point: you can model a WWII version from what I understand with their conversion bits?


Exciting stuff!


Did you get to speak to them at all?

Thoughts on 'Mossiegte'??


Paul has said he'll do an F.3 conversion for this so you can model a wartime machine. That will be my option for the full release kit when it arrives. Extended wings and a different canopy will be among the things needed.


Mossiegate? This is the Meteor thread.....try here ;)

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Thank you sir! We had whispers of the Salmson before and knew about the EI and the AEG. It seems the last couple years they have released something totally off the radar screen though, like the Hannover last year. I am thinking we may see something else in time for Christmas, how about you? I know this is a HK Meteor thread and will abstain from further WNW posts...sorry!!

Hi smitty44!
You can see it here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/1645-wnw-hot-news/#entry23109

And also on WNWF facebook page.


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