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The exhaust, - not always just a piece of rusted pipe.

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Wonderfully built models, excellent painting, convincing aging.........................
And the exhaust?
Completely rust brown,-  about everything - even inside.
Too bad, that destroys the entire impression. :(



Why not something little play with the colors.
Also, different types of paint can be mixed with each other.
Acrylic paints with oil paints,...Water colors mixed with chalk powder.........


No? :huh:
Sure, of course! ;)


Here the exhaust from the WNW Pfalz D.IIIa.

Three different color can be seen here....

The base color is Mr. Metal Color "Iron"

Thereafter, irregular spots Mr.Metalcolor "Dark Iron"..........plotted with a short-haired brush.

These colors are NOT polished, although there are metal-containing polishing colors.


Finally "rust brown" from Gunze.

Also applied with a short-haired brush.

In the area of the welding lines a little more rust brown was dabbed.







The further aging and weathering was done with brown and black water color.











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Oh wow, wow and maybe just one more... wow!

Thank you so much for sharing all these tutorials for us.

Really helpful and great to have here.


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About exhausts in general.


I have 24 years experience in wreck recovery (WW2 in the Netherlands)  and have never ever seen a rusted exhaustpipe.

Regardless of these were recovered from the ground or the IJsselmeer (the big lake in the middle).

These were made from high quality steel. Even if made from lesser materials during WWI the heat would prevent any rust

building up.

As Bertl says, why not play with many colours as that is exactly what it is, the heat discolours the steel.


Thanks Bertl for your tutorial.

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Boahh (that means "WOW" in German) that is an echo.
Thank you so much, guys! :wub:

Now to exhaust from the WNW Albatros D.V

The same colors, but painted in a different order.
First, Mr. Metal Color "Dark Iron" and then are irregular spots with "Iron" attached.
Next, the exhaust was polished and primed with Tamiya matt varnish.

At the nodes of the exhaust pipes dark blue pastel powder was applied.
Sealed with matt varnish.
Now something brown, light gray and white pastel powder was applied.
Then sealed with semi-gloss varnish.






Inside the exhaust gray-white pastel powder was treated (1917 there was still leaded Benzin) :) .




Do not forget to milled the exhaust much thinner from the inside. Thus, the exhaust look more realistic.




But be careful there! ................. Very careful! :unsure:




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