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Wingspan 4 - 1:32 Aircraft Modelling - Canfora – Graphic Design & Publishing


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Wingspan 4

1:32 Aircraft Modelling



Several authors

Publisher: Canfora – Graphic Design & Publishing

128 pages

Landscape format (A4 size with softcover)

10 full features build

Price tag: 27 euros


Canfora Publishing has several book of Aircraft, AFV and diorama modelling as historic book.

This book is a collection of several buildings aircraft, specifically articles 10 with properly completed models. And at proper scale - 1:32.

The whole structure between the various items is identical in approach to the subject, but with different modellers with distinctive styles.


On first reading, is the clear sense that the text is fluid, easy to read with some very good modelling information

This book is not a FAQ or a pure SBS as full-page close-ups are combined with step-by-step but an informative and mojo up to modeler. The works are inspirational and can effective have a positive effect in modeler motivation.

All models are inspiring, with the precise purpose: to inspire and motivate the modeler.


The book format is quite unique, in its landscape form, that allows to have big and detail picture of the step-by-step parts and very good picture of all the detail.


All the builds are flawless and simply amazing.

The index:

Focke-Wulf Fw-190 A-8

Hasegawa – Tomas Banic







P-51A Mustang

HobbyCraft – Ralph Riese





F-5E Tiger II

Kitty Hawk – Oto Drobík



Douglas  C-47 “SkyTrain”

 HpH Models – Zdenek Sebesta







Knowing this model kit, this work is epic.


Dornier Do-335

        Hong Kong Models – Brian Criner




PZL- 11 C

 IBG Models – Toni Canfora




Italeri – Jan Kopecky



FE. 2b “Early”

 Wingnut Wings – Mikael Terfors







Mig-23MF Flogger

Trumpeter – Henrik Redin



Polikarpok I-16 “Type 24”

 ICM – Anders Isaksson







All features have a small side table, with main information:  the model kit used, the aftermarkets, and paints brands (and not the references).

Also every single work has a color label to identify all articles, to a quick search.

It's a display of beautiful works, with a few tips and some photos of WIP with spectacular photographs of fantastic models.

Several techniques are presented throughout the several builds, it is told how to do, with several pictures of the step to take and to achieved that goal.

 Also show up the use several aftermarkets items on the builds

Every single work is top quality, the best you can see in magazines an modelling books




This book is one of the best modelling book on market. Not being a FAQ book, neither it intended to be, it`s full of pictures, of fantastic builds, with landscape format photos with every single detail at view of the reader.

 The book has a fantastic color registration and print quality, with some excellent model photography reproduced on 128 glossy pages.

The main goal of this book is being an inspiration to other modelers, to get up your mojo, to get you motivated, and also to learn the techniques and tricks with some of the best aircraft modelers in the world.

The next one will be epic – a special WWI wingspan.

Very Highly Recommend


Thanks to Canfora Publishing for the review sample.


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