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Art Scale Kit - 1:32 A-20 G canopy mask


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1:32 A-20G

 (HK MODELS kit)

Cat. N. 200-32062

Price tag: €13,70 plus shipping

Available at ASK store, here




 One of the aftermarket that I usually get to my builds is canopy mask.

For one main reason: time!

With  a much less amount of time you get a very good result that you also can get in the tradicional way, but with lots of time “wasted”…

So, I had the luck to get some samples from ASK Productions canopy mask.

It was a product that I was keen to see and to try.

So, last week, I got this mask for my upcoming build for MAI/MMI, the future 1:32 Hong Kong Models A-20G, that I was lucky enought to get a test sample.

It’s a plastic bag like all other mask set from other brands.




The mask itself is made from a tape very similar to kabuki tape, only a bit darker.



The inside instructions are very clear and every mask it has it`s on number. Great touch to make your live even easier.


This particular sample is the double-face mask so you can mask inside to make more realistic your build. It`s praticaly impossible to paint inside without this.


Let`s see what I can get with this set mask.

So I decided to work immediately with it, so I start to use the inside tape…

The mask is easy remove from the sheet with a fine tweezer.

The glue on the tape is very good and it is resistant so you can glue and unglue form the clear part to get the perfect alignment without worries of losing the tape glue.


  The numbers are simply a perfect indication! A great add to find that small mask in the full yellow sheet.


         I finish the interior cockpit canopy mask in less than 10 minutes work!!!




I love this lasercut mask set. I really do because is a great product (perfect tape glue, perfect tape), with super clear instructions with the numbers of the mask that makes the job super easy and super fast.


I have tried several other mask products (kabuki and vinyl mask) and this product, with the quality tape and the mask number indication makes to the top of my favorite mask canopy set.


Very Highly recommended




Our thanks to ASK – Art Scale Kit for the review samples.

You can get this set and all mask set at Art Scale Kit webshop


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21 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

The kit's  not out yet and there's AM already for it and an important one at that. Great to see it fits and adheres well. 


Yes. Its a fantastic mask and I already using it for the B-25. Perfect fit!!

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I got an email from Petr from ASK just informing tat they dont use laser cut machine but, and I qoute: We dont use laser cut, we have in use very very high qualuty cutter. The service, the different cutting speed we use and the daily changing knifes made the small - but on the end the big difference to the other producers"


Thanks for the intel! 





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