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New Research and Documentation Forum area

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Martin had a brainstorm, where we would set up a new Sub Forum on LSM to post documentation, research, pictures, etc. 

We’ve set up three areas where we have Aircraft, Armor, and Ships. We can add others as well, if the need arises and members want it.

Right now, there has been some action regarding the various F4U versions, and it’ll only grow from there. 
So, 109, 190, Spitfire, P-40, P-47, P-39, P-63, P-38, whatever would hearts desire, add to the information as you feel.

Ships, armor, whatever, just post under the heading that best suits your material.  
I expect we will take the large areas and break them off into their specific makes and models, but for now, post what you feel will help others.  Be aware of copyright laws, but generally speaking, WW2 pictures are public domain now, and besides, nobody’s making money off this. I’d there is any question, give photo credit where due.
It should grow into quite the impressive library.   Discussion, heated or otherwise, can be up on the discussion pages, but when posting here, be relatively sure that what you’re posting is correct to the best of everyone’s knowledge. If something is proven wrong, or slightly off, either let us know or better yet, edit it yourselves.

This is more or less gonna be Martin’s baby to run, and I’m sure nobody here will argue his knowledge and ability with research.  I call him the “Dean of the Obscure”.

This, folks, is your area to make, and if everyone grows it, you’ll get out way, way more than you put in. 

Maybe Martin will post up some of his basements full of old ComBloc documentation that he has at his fingertips. 
This is y’all’s time to SHINE. 

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Thank you Ernie, if you guys researching anything, just hang it there and we can all benefit from mutual sharing. As Ernie mentioned above, I'll do my best to keep it organized and relevant.

Let us know what you think. :)


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2 hours ago, Landlubber Mike said:

Great idea guys!

Back when it was socially acceptable to do so, Martin was such a research hound with unbelievable never before seen pics, especially eastern bloc aircraft, that I jokingly referred to him as “The ex Soviet Spy.” 

He is second to none with the ability to find stuff. 

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