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IDF APC Nagmachon (doghouse I)

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Suspension units done.


Here is my basic tools which i use to remove spruemarkings. I do not use metalfile. Sandingsticks are made of stirringsticks and sandingpaper glued together. Then i remove sanding marks with scotch brite. What are your basic tools?


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Curious , the AFV club Centurion provides a real metal spring for the suspension units, I see Hobbyboss doesn't.

TBH it's makes little difference on the AFV club one other than a very limited movement. Tamiya's old MK3 clunker had it all as one moulded lump .


Are you using the plastic individual tracks or going metal ? Personally find the metal tracks a lot easier to work with than glueing single links together. 


+1 for Scotchbright - absolutely great for removing the odd glue fingerprint as well I find 😀



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