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Western Star tandem day cab


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Here is another truck build, this one languished on the bench or rather on the floor for a long time due to lack of motivation, and life getting in the way, but not long ago I decide it was time to , coin a phrase, " Git her Done"............. a lot went into this as it turns out....as a Revell Western Star highway tractor with a sleeper.... so my vision was a day cab ( no sleeper) and a heavy haul, from a local British Columbia Company..... so one of the first things I did, was to 'de-chrome' some of the parts as the kit chrome was so bright it would rival a SEMA show, so fuel tanks and battery boxes and steps were de-chromed, then the holes in the steps were hand drilled out and cleaned... then repainted with a bright silver to look a little more realistic, the fuel tanks were painted cab color and new tank hold down straps were scratch built, and chrome automotive tape was used. The rear drive rims had the hubs de-chromed, and painted black, and the chrome rim itself was brushed with a clear dull coat to tone down the super bright chrome. The truck was then plumbed with a full air system with correct valves as per a Western Star that I used to drive... air lines and valves detailed the Fuller RTO 12515 transmission, engine installed, and had to modify and shorten the air intake, she is painted with Model Master ( my go to ) enamels, and then completed..... little details like battery box hold downs make a huge difference. I added high flotation wheels and tires to the steer axle, to represent a 20,000 lb axle and heavy haul, Headache rack, air lines with glad hands and electrical, hood latches, and a British Columbia License plate then decalled. I chose Arrow Transport ( www.arrow.ca ) from Vancouver B.C. ( Decals from Jerry at Model truckin) who started business in 1919, hauling whales to wood chips they say. Arrow Transport trucks are seen in a large way mostly between Princeton B.C. and Vancouver on highway 3. I chose not to weather my truck hardly at all, as the real Arrow trucks are usually pristine and very well kept, I have seen a lot of these working trucks and it is very rare to see one that is dirty, the operators keep their rides in beautiful condition, and that shows great professionalism, so that is why my truck is not dirty.... I hope some of you guys find this of interest, just something I really like to do....















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1 hour ago, DocRob said:

Very nice Jeff, the truck came out great and the extra detailing is eye candy.

Cheers Rob

Thanks Rob. I’m glad you noticed a few of the details. I’m rather please how it finally turned out 

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