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1:32 Laminar Flow Design Spitfire Mk XII Conversion


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1:32 Laminar Flow Design

Spitfire Mk XII Conversion

for Tamiya's Spitfire Mk.VIII and IX kit




Laminar Flow Design, 1/32 scale

Catalogue n.º 32-003

Price Tag - €59,20

Purchase directly at Laminar Flow Design website – here


Laminar Flow Design new release!!

If you don’t know this company from Belgium with a one man work behind, and you`re an aviation modeller, you have been living out of the modelling world.

Laminar Flow, are, hands down, the best modelling company in aviation modelling in 3d printing.

The printing is flawless, with no printing line whatsoever and top quality on the surface detail.


You can see our full review of both Spitfire XIVe conversion for the Tamiya Spitfire XVI, here and here.

Today we are checking their latest conversion in their catalogue.

The Spitfire Mk. XII conversion for the Tamiya Spitfire Mk. VIII and IX.


“The Supermarine Spitfire Mk XII was the first Griffin powered Spitfire to enter service, doing so in October 1942. All production XIIs had clipped wings to optimise low level performance.

A total of 100 Mk XIIs were built, the type being retired from front line service in September 1944.

Several fantastic pictures can be seen here: https://www.destinationsjourney.com/historical-military-photographs/supermarine-spitfire-mk-xii/


This set comes in a strudy little box with all the 3d parts inside two printing cages to protect them.

This set comes with four resin printing cages and inside of those cage, all the parts.

The best way to remove the cage is cutting the main 4 pilars at their base. It all in the instructions.

As result, the contents arrived perfectly safe and intact.

Inside, just 32 3D printed resin parts, and six die-cut masking sheets for two markings and instructions. If you don’t know Laminar Flow you would think how those 32 3D resin parts and mask sheets fits in just a small box. Laminar Flow is quite methodic, so everything is planned, And the answer is simply: a fantastic planning 3D print, to reduce space and to protect all the fragile parts.




To take a good look to the parts, we need to start cutting…

Some parts are not easy to free, so you a new scalpel, a very good cutter and patience and time.





Once the parts have been free, you can appreciate the quality of this conversion, at its all splendour.







The printing quality is top noch. The surface is very smoth with no printing line visible whatsoever.

 It’s at equal stage as the Tamiya surface detail of the donor kit with all the panel line, rivets, rib tape, fasteners, you name it! Brilliant work and printed in high resolution.

Hands down! I have seen quite a few models and detail set in 3D printing that are not very good as then have very prenonce printing line. Here, with Laminar Flow the quality is guarantee! No printing line whatsoever!!!


Starting with the most impressive part! The beautiful griffon nose.





A single printing piece, as it’s a gorgeous piece of 3D resin!! Simply fabulous! Bye bye seam line in the upper nose!! I will have a smooth nose with no effort and this is even better that previous release. To put the nose you don’t need any surgery on the donor kit.










And the fit is simply perfect!! I have seen plastic model kits fitting much worse than this!!


The carburate intake grill. Yes, a grill in very delicated 3d printing with no distroction or line printing. Perfect!




Another big different is the underwing panel.

Laminar always find the best solution (mean the fastest and easy way for the modeller to get a Spit Mk XII) so to install the underwing panel you only need to cut a chunck of the underwing along one panel line and that`s it. Then you just need to add the oil coller.




Amazing planning!


For the Mk XII we need a new spinner, propellers and exhaust.


The spinner and propeller are quite easy to make as all the blades have connections/intakes points, so there`s no room to error! Nice touch! 





A full exhaust set all hollow, and all individual… Could be a bit boring to make but the final result should be fantastic!









Next, the vinyl masks.


So you got 6 vinyl adhesives die-cut masks with insignia letters and patchs for two schemes:

1.    Spitifre Mk. XII MB840 “EB-J” 41 Squadron Royal Air Force, April 1944.

2.   Spitifre Mk. XII EN625 “DL-K” 91 Squadron Royal Air Force, May 1943;





The instructions are in A5 format with 8 pages.







They are clearly laid out and include text and photographic assembly steps.

The instructions are very well need as it has lots of tips and serious warnings and steps that you should consider to get it done.

One piece of advise: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!  All you need to know to free the 3D parts from the cage, and to make this conversion is there!






Laminar Flow Design did it again!!! Another fantastic conversion.

The quality of the 3D parts is astonishing with the surface detail matching the high quality of the donor kit, the Tamiya 1:32 Spitfire. The bar has quite high and these 3D parts don’t disappoint.

This conversion is the easiest conversion on Laminar Flow Design catalogue, and probably on of the easiest conversion in 1:32, specially do to the work of Mathieu, the owner and designer behind Laminar Flow.

I do love Laminar Flow Design work! It’s the best model conversion that money can buy! So do yourself a favour and get one!!

Very Very Highly recommend

My trully Thanks to Laminar Flow Design for making this conversion!




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On 3/30/2024 at 12:03 PM, CANicoll said:

Wow, quite the upgrade and fantastic quality of work.  Fran, thanks for the review.  Are you using the kit in a build now?


I will build it, this Mk XII and both Mk XIV.... but probably next year... this year build log is full

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Fran, I see you are doing the Monogram/Revell B-29 in 1/48.  What are your plans for that if I may ask?  I have that kit too, and the 1/48 B-58 Hustler...

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On 4/1/2024 at 8:02 PM, CANicoll said:

Fran, I see you are doing the Monogram/Revell B-29 in 1/48.  What are your plans for that if I may ask?  I have that kit too, and the 1/48 B-58 Hustler...

Hi Chris.

I`m making the platinum onbe... the interior is all made... Then I made one big mistake... engrave the panel lines... Almost all done. I also start to detial the exterior with the Eduard PE set for the exterior.

Still have the problem for the engines and nacelles (and propeller)... 

I saw the https://www.flightlineengineering.com/item_48_b29.html detail set for the engine... But the shipping and customs put me off....

So I`m seeing the Metallic detail sets but are more expensive than Flight Line....


As for the decals, using Kits World (wish me luck) "Top of the Mark" scheme


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