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142 Squadron Mosquito B.25

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Finished this a few months ago, just slow in adding photos. It's Canadian built B.25 (or XXV) modified from the Tamiya B.IV kit with Aries interior, my own designed and 3D printed GEE boxes and chocks, Rob Taurus Vacuformed canopy, Ultracast wheels, 100 gal fuel tanks, mudguards and exhaust stacks, Eduard Brassin bombs, Look instrument panel and PE set, and a set of Barracuda Studios stencils. The noseart was made in PhotoShop based on photos of the real thing and a bit judgement as to colors and printed on Mr Decal Paper. The mission tally bombs, insignia, letters and numbers painted with Oramask stencils cut on the Portrait 3. Added in a bit of scrtach building for the cockpit (never to be seen), landing gear legs and GEE antenna.

The RAF Trolley Accumulator is from Aircraft In Miniature and the figures are mainly from ICM kits with Tamiya fighter pilots on the crew. The base came from Hobby Lobby and I used a mix of spackling and AK concrete texture and it's painted with mix of Tamiya/Gunze paints and weathered with various pigments and oils.

Hope you enjoy. 




Image 4.jpg

Image 3.jpg

Image 2.jpg

Image 1.jpg

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