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  1. What?! These photos are awesome! Clear, in focus and free of background clutter and a joy to look at (not that the excellent build/painting job in the image isn’t enough). and enjoying this build and catching up (and obviously rereading a few sections 🙄). Bryan
  2. Like everyone else, had to look twice to realize it was a model. Impressive all around. The dimpling/oil canning on the wings is amazing too.
  3. I used 0.3mm solder wire for the Hercules wires on my 1/48 Beaufighter. Learned a lot with 2 for 28 cylinders....will use lead wire next time as others have mentioned, it's soft and malleable. The wire I used was a bit springy. Used PVA glue for the spacers on the pairs. The exhaust pipes (the Vector engines only came with intakes) were 0.8mm lead solder wire.
  4. Good reason for a few pints - painting aids...
  5. Binge following/catching up here...but had to chime in to say your metal work here is phenomenal on top of the incredible scratch building and 3D printing work.
  6. Wow! Phenomenal following this. Mine just arrived Monday and not been so excited to start a build in a while. It'll be a nice change after I finish my Dragon Ju-88A4. Appreciating the tips from brushes to seatbelts as you go!
  7. Stunning work. Like the American movie team with the Bf-110 the most.
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