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1:32 Fokker E.I / E.III / E.IV Resin Cowlings


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1:32 Fokker E.I / E.III / E.IV Resin Cowlings

Manufacturer: Aviattic

Available directly from www.aviattic.co.uk





Everyone agrees that Wingnut Wings kits are top of the range when it comes to details. But lately we’ve seen a huge increase in aftermarket and scratch added detailing on Large Scale Modeller. Aviattic offers us more colour true Lozenge decals with added printed fabric texture. Quite an improvement over the Wingnut Wings decals to be honest. With these decals and other aftermarket sets (like Gaspatch’s anemometer and turnbuckles, Master Barrels guns, real wooden props and real spoked metal wheels) you can really go to town on these kits. Just when we thought we had seen it all, Taurus hit us with their amazing resin engines. About 130 parts make up just one engine. About as much as the entire Fokker E.III kit!! So imagine the disappointment when I heard from Jeroen Veen that this masterpiece would not fit my WNW plastic cowling… Not knowing what Aviattic was up to, I shortened every cilinder to make it fit. Quite an operation and not something you want to do to such an expensive AM part. The same day I finished decreasing the engine’s diameter, I spotted these resin cowlings on Facebook. Not having spotted any inaccuracies in WNW’s cowlings I asked Aviattic if by any chance these were made to accommodate the Taurus engine…. „Yes”.






What’s in the bag?

A sturdy block of grey resin that gladly has some flexible characteristics. Attached to the rear, undersides and with a thin strip on the top. The first things that strikes is how thin the resin is. Scale thickness. And that’s exactly what you need to make the Taurus Oberursel engine fit, since it is also true to scale! This can be best seen when keeping the resin to the light. My samples featured nu bubbles, cracked or flash whatsoever. 










Do you only need this if you have the Taurus engine?

No. The plastic IM WNW cowlings is too thick and this is quite visible when looking at your model from an angle. These cowlings add the same realism like the PE Spandau cooling jackets. Also the cowlings have moulded on mounting bands which are fairly simplified on the WNW kit. HGW includes these as PE in their update sets. Some nice modeling on the master maker Ron Kootje!





To saw the delicate cowlings from their casting blocks you’ll need a micro saw. Since the top attachment is located in quite a visible area you’ll need to be careful here and polish behind you when done :)






Nice! Another way to enhance the realism on your WW1 fighter. And at the price of 4,75 pounds per cowling quite worth it. I’ll definately use a set on my current Fokker E.IV build. 


Highly recommended



Thanks to Richard from Aviattic for the review samples!!

You can order your set directly here: Aviattic


Jeroen Peters

Large Scale Modeller





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Nice review Jeroen. Richard sent me the E.IV cowl too, so I can testify to your sentiments about the quality of them. 


I just know we'll see some great things in coming months from Aviattic.

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