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1:32 Ju 88A-4 detail sets

James H

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1:32 Ju 88A-4 detail sets
Catalogue # See article for code and price
Available from Eduard
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It took some time, but Revell eventually got there. Releasing the Ju 88A-4 variant of one of their best kits, that is. Almost from the time that the A-1 was released, we more or less knew that the A-4 was coming, due to the kit break-down and by leaked word of mouth. Still, it took five years though. The original kit was very well catered for with regards to aftermarket, and Eduard have now stepped up to the plate to release some initial photo etch sets for this superb kit. Today we take a look at two of these sets, and also a new canopy masking set, specifically for this variant.

  • 32352, Ju 88A-4 exterior, 18,75 €
  • 32800, Ju 88A-4 interior S.A, 25,95 €
  • JX160, Ju 88A-4 masks, 11,25 €

32352, Ju 88A-4 exterior



A few months ago, Eduard began to produce all of their non-colour PE sets without the nickel plated surface, as they do their armour sets. I know for many, this was a welcome step, as it makes park removal and clean-up easier. They are also easier to solder (should the need arise) and I find that CA also adheres a little better. This set is one such 'bare brass' finish product, and consists of a single, relatively large fret containing around NINETY-TWO parts.








'Exterior' basically means anything that isn't cockpit-related, so here, you will find everything from upgraded main wheel bay detail, such as structural formers and gear door upgrades, right through to the tail, where a rather nice replacement for the fuel dump is supplied.

If we look at the undercarriage again though, detail is supplied for the legs themselves, such as brake lines, axle shaft end plates and access plates, and also a tail wheel mud guard, omitted totally from the Revell kit. Some detail is provided to replace and refine the plastic moulded detail, such as the lug on the rear tail wheel. In the real aircraft, this was actually used for the bomb loading system cables.




Other detail supplied in this set includes the Funkgerät dipole beam for the upper fuselage spine, engine radiator and outboard instrument detail, and also refinements to trim tab actuators. A little surgery will be required for in order to install all items on this set, but in all fairness, nothing that anyone should find even the little bit taxing.


32800, Ju 88A-4 interior S.A.



Firstly, S.A. stands for 'self-adhesive', and refers to one of the color-printed frets containing various instruments and the multi-layer instrument panel. This set has THREE photo etch sheets. Two of these are colour-printed, with the last, and larger one being a bare brass fret.




Starting with the aforementioned first colour fret, the detail on here is designed to replace just about all cockpit instrumentation. The instrument panel, as mentioned, is built from two main layers. These are a lower part containing just instrument detail, and an upper fascia forming the main panel, complete with bezels and other detail. Extra detail is supplied to attach to this also. All console detail, compass, radio set, and some data plate detail is also included.




A second colour fret continues this theme, with yet more instrumentation and data plate/placard material included, as well as console levers and switches etc. Between the two colour frets, you will find approximately ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE parts. Colour printing detail is excellent, with solid colour. The RLM66 representation looks very good on the instrument panel and consoles, but you'll have to see how it matches the shade of the specific interior paint you'll be using.




The largest bare brass fret is given over to structural detail and those internal areas which were either missed by Revell, or were in need of more than a little Eduard refining in order to make them look acceptable. A replacement etch part with wood grain texture is supplied to entirely sheath the plastic bomb aimers floor location. Other key upgrades include ammunition box detail and support frames, canopy former fascia and associated detail, gondola internal structure framing, ammunition belt feeds, and MG detail, as well as many numerous other parts associated with the gondola and internal canopy framing (grab handles etc).








This set will require quite a lot of work to install, and again, some surgery will be needed to implement some parts of it, including both removal of detail and dissection of actual kit parts. As hefty as that might seem, very little of the work is difficult. You will need to roll the occasional part, so some small drill bit should be ideal for that.




JX160, Ju 88A-4 masks



A release such as the Ju 88 is going to need a comprehensive set of masks, and that's what we have here. There are two Kabuki masking sheets included in this release, both of which are sharply cut. I've had a lot of success with Eduard masks with regards to them fitting perfectly, so I'm sure that this would be the same. This set is specific to the A-4 version and as obvious as it might sound to the majority of us, it isn't suited to the A-1 due to major differences in the glazings concerned with the upper rear cockpit and the twin MG mounts of the A-4 version.




Some liquid mask is called for on some panes due to just the inner frame outlines being supplied. If you use Klear or similar on your clear parts, I advise against this as liquid mask is usually ammonia-based, and will turn your canopy cloudy. Instead, use fragments of the mask sheet to infill any open areas.


Masks are also included for the wheel hubs.



The instruction sheets for these releases are typically Eduard in style, being line drawings and easy to follow with their graphical keys, shading and annotation. I envisage no problem in anyone following them whatsoever.


I have the Ju 88A-4 kit right here, and I will most certainly be using these sets in their entirety. There's nothing included here that seems superfluous or unnecessary, so in it all goes! Photo etch quality is up to Eduard's usual high and exacting standards, and the masks are a serious time saver for those of us with less than any ability to mask canopies with any refinement. I'm seriously guilty of that. The glazing areas on the Ju 88 are numerous, so it's a real bonus.


Very highly recommended


James H


My sincere thanks to Eduard for the review samples seen here. To purchase directly, click the links in the review. Consider joining the Bunny Fighter Club for discounts on these and all other Eduard releases, as well as exclusive offers.




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My only complaint about ALL the reviews, is that all of you do such a great job, you make me want to buy more stuff!


Aircraft that I may have given a cursory glance at, I now feel like buying!  


In all seriousness though, thanks for the reviews. Even though I may not ever purchase a Ju 88, (or any of the other aircraft, armor, etc...), I will purchase aftermarket for another. By reading the reviews for this Eduard Ju 88 self-adhesive photo etch, I'll know what to basically expect from my Eduard B-17 self-adhesive.


Keep up the great work! And that goes to all who take the time to review and post!

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More stuff to throw at the A-4 kit that I don't even have yet. :(


Awww patience Kev ... you still have a resin Tiffy to build yet :D ... I've got both the 88's ... but no AM yet ... love the review - gives me a much better idea of what I'm getting for myself when I do!


Rog :)

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