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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Revell Arado 196 A3

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Decided to foil all the metal parts of the airplane using a self adhesive thick aluminum tape 




This was done to give a different texture look to the rest of the airplane. Since this airplane was covered with cloth and aluminum ( the hatches and wings 














After priming it with citadel chaos black and letting it dry out for 2 days it was painted using vallejo air acrylics colors and I used the salt weathering technique  



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Nice stuff going on here!


Perhaps get an HPH 1/32 ship catapult for it? Will look awesome!


Another nice source for aluminium panels...tealight cups :)

thanks my friend . unfortunately running on a veryyy low budget at the moment ( unemployed ) for 8 months now......

what is tealight cups ?????

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uhmm....a small candle in an aluminium cup, often used to keep teapots warm, but also used just as candles.

perhaps not common in all countries, but Ikea has them for instance.


Tough times for Greece at the moment. I heard tourism is getting better...it's a start.

I wish you best of luck

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more updates to my build





Engine attached to the rest of the airplane 








Smoke screen piping attached to the floats 
























First wing painted 

















No weathering or wash yet just painting and chipping 

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