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Tristar Marder III

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A friend of mine built most of this kit, and kindly gave it to me to finish off. I have not done any armour modelling for twenty years now, so I was shocked to find out the extent of detail with the various photo etch parts, and also excellent plastic pieces with modern design and manufacturing techniques.





Here is a couple of shots of my current progress. I have used Tamiya acrylic desert yellow, some acrylic washes, and various combinations of enamels and enamel washes for the tracks.

Turret and gun are primed acrylic black, with an application of AK heavy chipping fluid, I am ready for another try at paint chipping, my previous attempt being the inner gun mounting piece shown.




I have tried not to go too overboard with the weathering etc at this stage, however this may change.








Below is the building (which I dug out of my garage and think it`s a 1992 Verlinden Productions item) which I intend to use with the vehicle as a diorama. I am a great believer of displaying vehicles, and aircraft in a suitably life-like environment if possible.

I painted the building with enamels and enamel washes, also will use some pastel chalks and oil paints on it as the diorama makes progress.




A picture of the tank crew figures I intend to use, made by ZVEZDA, based in the Czech Republic I believe.




I would love to have a go at painting the uniforms as shown, but I may take the easy option and just do black panzer uniforms, unless anyone has any good tips for painting this difficult looking camouflage...




So many thanks for my friend for doing most of the hard build work on the Marder, I hope to do it justice as the central part of a ruined street scene diorama, and possibly enter it into the eastern front build.



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