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Renault R40 - 1:35


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I just decided to go forward with this beautifull kit from Brach Model while my E.III is waiting from paint.


It`s a full resin kit that i had the pleasure to review it here on LSM.


As I really want this one with all the hatches open, I just get the engine from Brach Model (Here)

I didn`t decided yet the marking but for sure will be a French one.


Starting with the interior and the kit goes like a glove with no need of extra work from a plastic one.


Already made a dryfit from the side walls and is a perfect match for both of them!!


It`s even better to build that I expected!


Enough words, here`s the pics:



























Next: side walls and the rest of interior detail before paint.







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Thanks guys for the words!



Ah! Great! Looking forward how it goes together! Are we going to see the Portuguese School of painting as opposed to the already established Spanish School?';)


Iberian Duel! Throw pigments, washes and oils to each other! :)

We are a small country with no many modellers... However there`s some fantastic armour modelers that, in my point of view, try to mitigate the weathearing effects with the paint job... 


Mig Pardelhas?


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