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1/35 Diamond T 968 Cargo Truck Hard Top Cab.

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Mirror Models 1/35 Diamond T 968A Cargo Truck



What a surprise when the postman delivered this yesterday... this is the brand new kit from Mirror Models of the Diamond T 968A Cargo truck with Hard Top Cab. Obviously, most of the kit is based on the Wrecker, which I am also building here on LSM, but don't fear. I don't intend to show only the differences between the two kits, but also cover the whole build in detail. I will discuss the little changes I have made to the kit learned from the Wrecker build and show how I've done these changes. There aren't many required, but you may be interested to see them?




If you follow the instructions, the first stage in the assembly is to build the wheels. There are a couple of changes made here, 1. I haven't added the Brake drums to the wheels at this stage, preferring to add them to each axle as I go and 2. As with the wrecker, shim is required between the wheel rim halves if you're fussy like me. here's how I went about doing this.....


Basically, when the wheel halves are put together there is a small gap at the join of the two wheel rim halves when the tyre join is good. The flat side of the tyre could be sanded, but I have chosen to shim the gap using 0.010" card, (Actually I have used two pieces of 0.005" card as I ran out of 0.010" sheet).


I first cut the sheet into 12 off 18mm squares then glued them to the wheel halves with no hub.




Once the glue has dried, I had to use superglue BTW, I roughly cut out the centre of the card.




Then the two halves are glued together and clamped for a few hours to dry. I should mention that the best glue to use on this kit is Tamiya Extra thin Cement. Some other popular glues don't touch this plastic??


Here are three wheels ready for finishing.




Then the excess sheet is sanded down to give a straight and cylindrical seamless join just like the real thing.




So, just the twelve wheels to do, then it's time to move onto the engine, or chassis, or axles.....?????

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So, I've been slowly working through the sub assemblies of this great kit and have got this far...


All twelve wheels are assembled and ready for finishing once the glue has had a couple of days to cure fully.




I don't quite know why, but these wheels just look so "right" to me, when compared to other 1/35 kits?? I think it's something to do with the way the tread finishes on the sidewalls??


There are many little sub assemblies which go to make up the running gear for this kit. It's a lot like the real truck in every detail...




I will shortly be showing the first of my recommended simple mods to improve the look of the finished model.. it involves cutting, drilling and plastic rod or stretched sprue... coming soon...


The Chassis is identical to the wrecker here. there are a couple of small differences around the rear mounting points for the body later, but the foundation of the chassis is identical.




I'll now get the chassis built up so it can be left a few hours to harden, in stages, just like I did with the wrecker.


Thanks for looking in, please comment or criticise as required...

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I mentioned earlier I would show how I've done some small mods to this kit to, in my opinion, improve it....
Here we are then, starting with the front axle and steering gear...
As you can see here, the brake backplates and swivels and mounts are beautifully detailed and work very much like the real thing... if you go to the trouble of making the steering work.
On the left of the picture you can see an assembled hub and alongside it the parts that go to make up this hub. If you carefully glue the backplate to it's mating half, sandwiching the ball, the assembly will swivel and in fact stop at its extent of lock due to the moulded on lugs which poke through the slot in the outer part.
The tie rod and lugs on the backplates  will need to be drilled out with a 0.5mm drill to enable the steering to work. You probably won't want to "play" with your model, but having the choice of pose is a bonus.
When the axle halves are glued together the representation of the U bolts is not good due to the limitations of injection moulding. The front axle is quite visible on the finished model so this little mod is worthwhile...
Simply cut the raised moulded detail away and drill a 0.5mm hole at the corner of each top plate. sand the area smooth between the upper and lower plates using a cut off section of sanding stick. Note, the webs at either side of the plates are not flash, they are supposed to be there!!
Insert some plastic rod or stretched sprue through the holes and you'll end up with something like I've got here.....
Note, I have also added brass rod to the upper part of the axle to give it a positive location on the leaf springs.
At the front of the shot you can see the steering gear all assembled and ready to go onto the axle.
Thanks for looking in, I hope this hints and tips help some of our younger or less experienced modellers go the extra mile...

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Hi all, it's been a while since I posted here... the good weather got in the way!!


I thought I'd show you the work I've done to make the rear suspension a little tougher and perhaps easier to assemble?


You can see in the first pic that the pivot for the centre of the rear leaf spring is just a small stump which goes into the hole on the bracket behind it..




Note I have also added brass puins to positively locate the axles on the leaf springs.




I have drilled out the bore of the mounting and the leaf spring pivot with a 1.6mm drill to fit a 1.6mm brass rod into the three parts as an axle..




Once assembled, the brass rod and axle mounting pins hold the assembly together to allow alignment while the glue dries.




Thanks for looking in, more to follow in the next couple of days.

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That is some really nice looking molding. Very nice construction job so far Nigel.


It really is a very well detailed kit indeed Paul. The plastic is a dream to work with as well. It's no quick build, but it is a very rewarding build.

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I have been a little quiet here lately, enjoying some top down motoring, fiddling in the garage and playing with my Puppy.
I haven't forgotten my commitment to get this one finished, it is just so blinking great!!
I have finally got both the wrecker and Cargo trucks chassis to the same state, so now I can concentrate on the engines and bodywork.

If you look really closely, you'll see the subtle differences between the Cargo and Wrecker chassis, top and bottom respectively. The Cargo has longer bed rails and blanking plates where the crane X member mounts are fitted to the wrecker.
Looking at the detail front and back, we can see this kit is very nicely moulded indeed...
The topside...
The transfer case and brake assembly is beautifully rendered, and a very involved little build. Some trimming of the cross member is required to get the assembly to fit into the recessed underside, but nothing too difficult for an average modeller...
Thanks for looking in on this very involved and satisfying build.

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