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Group Build Rules

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Today 70 years ago, the Western Allies stormed the Normandy beaches to start the final act in the war against nazi Germany. Eventually, the German armed forces couldn't cope with the pressure from both the West and the East and the nazi power structure had to unconditionally surrender to the Allies on May 8th 1945.


To commemorate the men and machines in their campaign we thought it fitting to start a new GB; From the Beaches to Berlin


The GB will deal with the stalwart fighting in the Normandy hedges, through the break-out across Northern France, absorbing and overcoming the setbacks of Arnhem, Overloon and the Ardennes, to the Rhine crossings and the flooding of Germany with all those nationalities from the North German plains to the South German Alps. 




  • The competition will begin 00.01hrs 6th June 2014 and conclude 23.59hrs 8th May 2015
  • The Group Build is intended for vehicles, figures and aircraft of the fighting parties in North Western Europe. The exception is the inclusion of the invasion in Southern France and the subsequent advance to North-East France and the heavy tank fighting of Arras from August 1944 on.

  • Scale shall be 1:35nd and above only. 

  • Any media can be used along with any aftermarket upgrades / detail sets. Scratch building is also permitted or you can simply build O.O.B.

  • A Work In Progress thread must be opened for each separate entry.

  • To make the WIP's as interesting as possible for visitors we ask that you start with a kit that is (roughly) less than 10% finished. It doesn't have to be THAT precise, we trust the common sense of the participants in this.

  • Multiple entries are permitted provided they conform to all the other criteria laid down 

  • All members, including staff, are eligible to participate.

  • A Completed Builds section will be opened for all completed entries. You must submit your build(s) to that section with no more than 10 photos allowed for each separate build.   

  • Please remember the good nature and intent of the forum, its members and staff at all times. If there is anything you are unsure of please ask the Group Build Coordinator, Erik.

Lastly, and as importantly, HAVE FUN!!


P.S. At present, there is no competition element embedded in this Group Build. That may change in the future. If that's the case details will be made public by editing this post.

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OK OK! Shoot me if you want. But.....shouldn't the scale read 1/35 and larger. 1/32 and up would mean nothing but a sheet load of Bf. 109's. 


Can't you find a 32nd Sherman????

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