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Hasegawa N1K2-J finished

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I've always wanted to do a George with these markings. It's something a bit out of the usual. The model was built out of the box except for FineMolds seat belts. Paints used were Gunze Lacquer, Alclad and White Ensign. I used AK Interactive Heavy Chipping Liquid to acheive the chipping and peeling.








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Great stuff John.


So the AK Chipping Fluid works on Mr Color Lacquer? I never thought it would! What was your process and how long did you allow things to dry?

Hi Dave,

It worked quite well I'm happy to say. I primed the model with Alclad Gray Primer and Microfiller then sprayed it with their Dark Aluminum. After drying overnight I polished it out with some 1200 sandpaper and a tissue (yes, a tissue). I then sprayed the AK on the whole model with a bit heavier application on the areas I intended to really "work on". I let that dry about 45 minutes then sprayed the Mr Color. I let that dry about 1/2 hour then started picking at it with a toothpick. I also used some Scotch tape to peel some off. I have to say I was pretty pleased with the way it all worked out and just might do another Japanese a/c although WW II Japanese stuff isn't high on my list of "likes". PM me if you have questions. :)

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Interesting John... I really didn't think Mr Color lacquer would really work with it as its a pretty strong paint. I will have to give it a go as I have a Frank and George in the pile.

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