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Another of the production line recently - I had hoped to have completed it by the 60th anniversary of the Lightning's first flight (4th August) but I didn't quite make it!


This is the Trumpeter 1/32nd scale kit, with the addition of an Aries cockpit set, MasterCasters wheel upgrade set and Xtradecal transfers. I also removed 2mm from the main landing gear legs, as I felt 'out of the box' the tail sits too high - the real aircraft has a slightly tail-down attitude, captured so well by Echelon's kit. A final touch was a homemade air intake cover to add a splash of colour.


All paints were Xtracolour enamels.


EE (BAC) Lightning F6 XS903/AM of 5 Squadron, Binbrook, 1984




















I know this kit gets a harsh press from time to time, but it certainly looks like a Lightning to my untrained eye smile.png



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Very nice Tom. It complements your earlier Lightnings. The kit has been under a lot of critisism, but you proved it builds up nicely.



Cheers Cees - and yes I agree... I certainly builds well and captures the look pretty well - providing it's not sitting alongside an Echelon example!

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