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1/48 Tamiya Fw190A-8, "Green 3" of JG 4


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Since we have a non-LSM section now, I figure I'll post my latest completion. Sadly I haven't managed to finish anything lately, so this one is a few months old but hopefully that will change soon.


This kit was also an excuse to use up a bunch of spares and leftovers in the closet, so it's a bit of a hodgepodge of aftermarket. It was also my first attempt at mottling, and with many other 190's and 109's planned in the future I need to learn to mottle!


A "quick" rundown on the aftermarket and work done:

- MDC cockpit tub
- Vector seat
- CMK rudder pedals and control column

- Eduard instrument panel

- Quickboost gunsight

- Hasegawa armor panels

- Eagle Editions gun cowl and barrels

- Ultracast wheels

- Ultracast spinner and wide paddle prop

- Quickboost pitot tube

- Hypo tubing for wing root barrels

- Brake lines, antennae, gear down indicators, etc made from wire

- Riveted using RB Productions Rivet-R

- Markings are a combination of Montex masks (insignia), Miracle Masks (Green 3), Eduard decals (emblem and W.Nr), and stencils from EagleCals - phew!

- Aerial antenna wire is EZ Line, but cut and split to half width for better scale effect

- Weathering is a mix of airbrushing, oils, sponge chipping, and artists colored pencil


I'm sure I'm leaving something out, but that's close enough - on to the pics! smile.png





































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Thanks Anders! The paint is all Gunze MrColor lacquers, I really like their line of RLM's. I did just get AK's two sets of RLM colors that I will try out, but if I don't like them I'll stick with MrColor.


And keep up the great work on your blog!! I look forward to every new post :)

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This is the Olympus of modelling a Würger. I'm following your work for some time now and have to admit that you are one of my ideals in terms of - how could I say - "personal handwriting". Wonderful craftsmanship, Brewer!


One question: What kind of riveting tool can you recommend?

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That's high praise, Torben!


I use the Rivet-R Mini from RB Productions to make the rivet pattern, then go back and deepen each rivet with a needle point and then sand flush the ridges left behind by the work.

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