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A World of Dioramas - Per Olav Lund new book


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(Master Collection Series Vol.1)

 Canfora Publishing

(Grafisk Form & Förlag)



ISBN: 978-2-35250-387-3

Price tag: 29,50€ (plus shipping)





One day, a few weeks ago, I got an A4 envelop…. I was excited because I know that was the Per Olav Lund new book!




The first impression as I open the book was: Woww!



The cover is amazing. A central and big photo of one the newest Per Olav work in a satin finish. The cover is in soft cover with a high grade paper and satin finish.


The cover is A3 folding sheet so you got on the front cover the already mention diorama, and opening the paper, you got Per Olav Lund introduction.


On the back of the cover a fantastic picture of one the best Per Olav works: “Seenot”

Starting flipping through the book, I really do not know where to start! Almost mental block with all the fantastic photos.


All the 128 pages have a fantastic color printing in a satin finish touch.


In general, all the impression and color quality is not an issue for sure!


It's really quite hard to review and comment a perfect work.... For me, it's art!


But let`s see the content of this book.


On the cover feature one of my favourite dioramas... It's simplicity is almost overhelming and at the same time, that simplicity is the most hard to get.... Everything is perfect balance, with no extra things or confusion just to fill empty spaces....





Anyway, looking at book structure, you will get 10 dioramas and a gallery section.


In every single diorama, Per Olav gives you, a small well written text that tells how the author got inspired and what he wants to represent with that work.





Also gives the info about all the stuff used (like roof tiles from Juweela, Plusmodel, Miniart, figures brand etc)!





The opening text is follow by a picture that capture the all diorama.






In the following pages, you see some more detail photos on the finish diorama, and some work in progress photos.





There`s not much WIP photos as the tend to be more to show the finish result and is not a step-by-step book.


Along the dioramas, mostly with already finish model or part of the diorama, Per Olav explain how to obtain that weathering effect (painting the roof tiles one by one) or damaged effect like the use of microscope slide glass to make the house windows and how to make a bullet hole on it!



At the end of each diorama, the book gives you some close and detail photos of the finish work.  




Passing along all the work, one that caught my attention was “Cribs”…. A jaw-dropping civil diorama with a big pig in the VW Samba bus pigsty!








Here, for example, have some nice WIP photos of the building construction progress with quite useful tips.



The next one I decided to mention in particularly, is my favorite and the last work made by Per Olav, I think - The Seenot.  




This model won the 2nd Wingnut Wings facebook fans and it has first reveal in there so I quite proud about that.





For me is one of the most brilliant diorama and when i saw it, was just jaw-dropping...



Unfortunately it doesn`t have so much WIP photos or a step-by-step of the beautiful ocean or oils color info.i


Most of information to achieved that result is written on the text… Not all  but Then in each one of the dioramas you will get some information and lots of the Per Olav talent and his explanations and of course tips and materials!!!






We got everything to do similar... Errrr.... ;) Almost.... Per Olav Talent is not at reach of any one!



This book is not a really step-by-step information book (I do think that was never the goal) because it doesn`t show all the construction steps and painting process. Also doesn’t` give the modeler paint colors or painting techniques, step to make, etc.


It have very few pictures of WIP diorama, presenting such construction tips and information accompanying photos of the object already completed and painted! background:white">Does contain different information and some tutorials on specific parts of the like the little dioramas Walter driven oils or 1:24 barrels.









However, it has some really really good tips to making buildings, some particulars details on vehicles like damage and broken windows, chipping, icy road etc.









In the very end you have a gallery with Per Olav work! Inspiring!




In sum, this book is quite outstanding. The text is quite simply, very comprehensive and an easy reading.

The print quality is very good, on satin paper.

Per Olav is one of the best in the world in  modeling dioramas and the quality of work is emphasized in this book! Not being a step by step and not being thoroughly informative as the materials or techniques used is a very good book to get some useful information about dioramas and small techniques and tons and tons of inspiration!

I really love the book because it did inspires me to go more deeper and deeper in diorama modelling!!!

And now Cânfora for when a book with Jose Brito´s dioramas?

Highly Recommend


Francisco Guedes


A very special thanks to the author, Per Olav Lund for this review sample and all the support.

To purchase this directly, click THIS link.


If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller!


Disclaimer: all photos all in low quality to preserve and prevent all copyright.

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