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Eduard Gloster Meteor F.4 Interior and Seat belts


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Eduard 1/32 Gloster Meteor F.4
Interior Upgrades:


1/32 Gloster Meteor F.4 Interior  (32804)

1/32 Gloster Meteor F.4 Interior Zoom (33139)

1/32 Gloster Meteor Seat belts (32816)

Designed for HK Models kit.







Having recently reviewed the ProfiModeller upgrades for the HK Models Gloster Meteor the reference material I have on hand did not even make it back to the book shelf. As said in that review, the HK Models cockpit is basic but not in dire need of upgrades. This is how the HK Models Meteor is designed. Basic but complete. A perfect base for upgrades and added details. HK Models predicted that several after market companies would jump in and they were right. Fisher Models and Alley Cat made conversions and HGW and ProfiModeller welcome upgrades. And now Eduard joins the party. I’m sure these Eduard interior upgrades are only just the beginning. Wheelbays, Brassin wheels, exterior… Just a matter of time I reckon.


I’m getting carried away. Let’s look at these two sets. I’m saying ‘two’, because the Zoom interior is as always a dressed down version of the full interior.


For a view on the details in the HK Models kit, check out our review here:





1/32 Gloster Meteor F.4 Interior  (32804)

Peel open the plastic envelope on the bottom and pull out the contents. (I’m saying this because I always used to cut these open on the top and only recently discovered the bottom offers a re-usable flap). One sturdy backing card, instructions, self-adhesive pre-colored PE, brass PE and a small piece of film for the gun sight.


The pre-colored self-adhesive fret gives you the instruments panel (backing plate with dials) and front with bezels. Elements for the gun sight. I happen to own a gyro gun sight from a Meteor and I can say this really adds some nice detail. The front switch/dial that lets the pilot select the type (diameter) of target, the upper lens bezels and the selector on the left that lets the pilot select between rockets and guns. Nice… Also on this fret are the rudder pedals and a selection of colourful switches and levers. In a cockpit as black as the Metero’s and possibly one of the most boring cockpits I’ve come across, the smaller details and colours can make all the difference between a black pit and a cockpit.


The fret as described above is self-adhesive. This ‘self-adhesiveness’ is something you either love or hate. Personally I rather glue the PE myself. Why? Because the glue that is used by Eduard is a bit on the ‘thick’ side and therefor a bit more difficult to glue without leaving a bit of a space between the part and your plastic. On the other hand, a real plus with this glue, is the rubber cement characteristic it has. It lets you place the part and adjust positioning until right. With superglue this is more difficult. My trick? I glue PE on flat surfaces with a bit of Future. Let it dry and then use very thin superglue (like Zap) and let it run under the PE through capillary function.


The ink on the pre-coloured fret is shiny as it always is with pre-coloured PE. No problem, since you can just spray some matt-varnish.


On the brass PE fret we find a forward windshield fairing (nice!!). Now this is something that adds some realism with an open canopy. Usually models feature a flat edge to the wingshield, whereas reality shows rails on the sides of the canopy and a fairing on the windshield. This piece really appeals to me. Also on this fret is a full PE seat, a map holder, straps and some other small bits and bobs for the sidewalls.

All the above parts are only included in the full interior set and not in the Zoom set. You could say that the Zoom set only offers the Instrument Panel. I can’t quite figure out the price of the Zoom edition, since the Eduard site lists it the same price as the full interior. I’m guessing this set will be about € 10,-.








1/32 Gloster Meteor Seat belts (32816)

The seat belts come in a separate pack. A common thing with Eduard and something I’m sure most modellers can appreciate since not every modeller is a big fan of pre-coloured PE seatbelts. They are slightly easier to assemble then fabric ones’, but the trick is to prevent the paint from peeling off when bending it. Heating the PE in order to make it easier and more natural to bend is tricky, since the paint can blacken or catch fire. On the other hand: the detail on these seatbelts is great. Down to the stitching and the serial number / code on the shoulder straps. One thing is for certain: your HK Models Meteor needs seat belts, since none are included in the kit.





The instructions are amongst the clearest you’ll find in PE upgrade sets. Clear and leaving nothing to the imagination. There is a minimal amount of surgery needed with this set (always indicated by red areas) so it’s basicly a matter of following what number goes where.
















Conclusion: ProfiModeller or Eduard?

Compared to the ProfiModeller upgrade there is more detail in this full interior set by Eduard.I guess it’s mostly a matter of what you prefer. If you prefer to have full control of your colours and airbrush the PE yourself, the ProfiModeller set will do. A great feature in the ProfiModeller set is the inclusion of the rear deck under the rear canopy part. This area needs detail and Eduard does not include this. But then there’s the sidewalls and the seat! They need love too, and ProfiModeller does not include them…. Difficult choice… I’d go with both and use the best of both worlds.

This Eduard set is a great addition to a potentially Spartan and basic cockpit. Add the seatbelts and you’re almost there… I wish Eduard would have included the canopy sliding rails and rear deck detail. Then it would have been a very complete set.


Highly recommended


Our sincere thanks to Eduard for the review sample.

To purchase directly:


1/32 Gloster Meteor F.4 Interior  (32804) € 18,95

1/32 Gloster Meteor F.4 Interior Zoom (33139)

1/32 Gloster Meteor Seat belts (32816) € 11,25


Jeroen Peters

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Nice review, Jeroen! Definetely a sensible upgrade of the basic cockpit! Now, which company will bring us better shaped transparencies? Fisher already has the windshield and wrote on LSP he has masters for them, so here's hoping...

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