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Renault FT (Scale 1/16)

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Yep!! :)

This is my new project....The French Light Tank Renault FT.

Brand: Takom

Reference: 1002 (Limited Edition 1500 pieces)

Scale: 1/16


My first idea is to copy the art box scheme:

The 1st Company, 2nd Battalion, “Le Tigre” Regiment, 1918, France.... Markings


It will be build OOB as well, with a standard weathering..... or not!!:)

After a fast look the kit looks very well, with some nice details. The instructions are really clear and easy to follow. And the plastic quality is standard; just be careful with some pieces when you will retire from the sprues....



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awesome figure, can you tell us your 3way of painting the leather? I still can't achieve effect even slightly near to yours :)

I painted the jacket with a camouflage medium brown (Vallejo), and then I added some shadows with a camouflage black brown (Vallejo as well). Some "lights" with a lighter colour (the same base with a white touch)

Then I added a brown filter and the last step was a brown oil wash (if remember I mixed the burnt umber and a red brown one).


I don't like to work with varnish on my models....and I did all the paintwork on the same afternoon (wet conditions :) :) :)) The acrylic dries so fast, and the oils and the white spirit (thinner) don't damage the previous coat paint. The final oil wash give this nice "shinny" effect, much better than a varnish! (my opinion...) :)


Hope this help you!

Thanks for your comment :)

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  • 4 weeks later...


Seems I’ve return at this one again :)

Now I can say the rear part (engine) is finished. Must say all the pieces join correct without problem. I’ve done some chipping and weathering effect, but all this work will be hiding under the main body, so..... :(







Then I started the front part. Just primer and add a steel Alclad coat only..... I must admit that the alclad paints or lacquers aren’t my favourites, but I suppose will look much better than a gun metal acrylic colour as a base....




Thanks for looking


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Yep! update. :)

I have painted the interior white colour. Added some chipping effect where I think the driver and the gunner can create more wear and tear..... I added some subtle wash as well, and maybe I will add some pigments....I will decide it later!

Thanks for looking :)




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I do hope you are going to pose the engine compartment open. It would be a shame to hide that beautiful work away. 

In fact I would say open everything that can be opened. That interior is also seriously good.


Ian M

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