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Arado Ar-234 B-2N „Nachtigall” FLY 1:32

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In my workshop arises model aircraft Arado Ar-234 issued by the company FLY 1:32 scale nr. kat. 32008. My choice fell on the machine Ar-234 B-2N "Nachtigall" W.Nr. 140145 / SM + FE.
On my blog is a series of images to quickly submitted Arado Ar-234 B-2N, without the radar antenna.
Link to blog:


The construction of the model I started from the chambers of the chassis, which look so.



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Thanks for the praise, try as I can.


James over the model I work only when I have free time.


Longer Tail unit glued together, and I cut a flaps in the wings, that the model was a little richer in detail. I now remaining holes

for luting, sanding and restoration of the away the partition lines.



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