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Academy Nieport 17

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Hi fellow modellers,


I'm going to try a ww1 bi-plane... a first for me. Mr Ralph Sarc... it's your fault really, your attitude and joy of building rubbs of!


I'm thinking I have some of the best builders around here and hope you'll come with pointers and tips to help me out.. I won't use any aftermarket stuff except maybe decals... when I figure out what I want to depict.


Any how, here it goes.





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Good on you!

If I recall correctly the Nieuprt has an a-symmetric fuse just behind the engine and the Academy kit has not. Master casters (again I believe) do some resin upgrades, mastered by Derek Bradshaw. Might be worth taking a look at. I'm still waiting for WnW to tackle the whole Nieuport series with the Nieuport 28 as my favorite.




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Hi Aaron,


I found a Polish site (I think) that have good piccies, however there seems to be more than one type of cowling- you in the know?

Sorry not that knowledgeable I'm afraid. Link to the Polish site would be nice though for a bit of reference.



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