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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Spitfire MKVI


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well, i have kicked of with my Spitfire also for the group build, it's gone be this one






It will be pretty much a standard out of the box build with some after market stuff like master barrels for the canons, the rest of the detailing will be scratch build, mainly in the cockpit area. Because the MKVI had a pressure bulkhead just behind the pilot and one in front of the instrument panel, this will be the greatest challenge to scratch build.

Here are some pictures of the first progress




Rear bulkhead dry fit, i intend to scratch build the rudder and the tailplane wires through this bulkhead, the grommets to feed them through 

are made of pieces of sprue that i filed in this shape to make it look like the real thing. There's not so much documentation of the MKVI,

that shows exactly how it was mounted, so if anyone has some documentation, this will be more than welcome.

The picture below is the only reference that i've got, it's from the old airfix  book, classic aircraft no1 by Roy Cross and Gerald Scarborough.






picture below the old frame behind the cockpit





Dry fit of the armor plate behind the pilots seat




dry fit of the pilot seat




This is pretty much it for now,  i will have to do a lot of detailing in the cockpit with the oxygen hoses and the plumbing, looking forward to this,







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