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Revell He-177 - First Kit Completion of 2015


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Hey Folks,


This is my first completion of 2015. I started this kit in October of last year. I found this one a bit of a mixed bag. The overall fit is quite good, although the fit of the clear parts (especially the nose glazing) left a bit to be desired. The actual quality of the clear bits is less than stellar, but a dip in Future makes them passable. Finally, the decals were nothing short of awful. Quite honestly, I am amazed that there was no silvering, especially on the national insignia. I suspect that the "final assault" with "Mr. Mark Softer" is what turned the tide, finally making the decals a bit "melty" and allowing them to adhere and snuggle down. Micro-Sol had little, if any, effect on them. The only markings that defeated me were the spinner spirals. No amount of effort or solvent would get them in place. I would suggest one of the after-market decal sets if you are going to do one of these. Some of the attachment points on the smaller parts are a bit fiddly, but in 1/72 that is to be expected.


The "Fritz X" missiles are quite nice, being little kits unto themselves. 


I made a tremendous capitol investment ($0.50!) in some white poster board, but am still using my somewhat awful phone camera to take pics. Let me know what you think!









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Good job recovering the decals. Very sharp - camo is fantastic.


I think there is a 1/48 kit of the He-177 ? As Rob said.. fascinating aircraft.

Thanks Repeater!  I was pleased with the way the camo turned out. There is a kit of the 177 in 1/48 by MPM. I have one in my stash, but given the size of it I have no idea where I would put it if I built it.

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a great subject.  I read the 177 is a most difficult aircraft to fly.  Love the scheme and kudos on conquering those demons.

Thanks Rick! Had I been flying one of these, I suspect the most difficult part would have been waiting for those bolted-together Daimlers to overheat and catch fire! As problematic kits go, this one was pretty tame. I'd like to build another, building on the lessons learned from this one. But I will certainly be purchasing an after-market set of decals! 

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