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1/32 HKM - DORNIER Do335 B-2

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Hello Gentlemen,


Decided to start here on LSM in the coming couple of weeks this amazing kit. This will be my second 1/32 build. And believe me, It's going to take time ! ;)


I opened the nice box while drinking the second morning "Dharkan" coffee. Yeah, conclusion was that i had a very nice gift in my hands and that it deserves my greatest full attention. She's one of my favorite German airplane.


I usually build my models out of war context, and this one is no exception. No nazi svatiska, no Luftwaffe attributes and no guns, just a beautiful powerful Dornier Do335 B-2 with Mercedes DB603 stern and aft engines. Most likely and partially NMF, with a home drew Nose Art. Free-style artistic licensed for personal use Dornier...


"OOB" with just the Ed. masks, RB Productions appropriate seat-belts ant the -MDC manufacturer duralumin stamps- decals.


Don't know yet what is going to be closed or open since i want to keep the most seductive Do335's silhouette. She will be grounded with open cockpit. That, is at least 100% sure.


That's it for now folks,




PS.: Reference book will be "VOM ORIGINAL ZUM MODEL : Dornier Do 335"






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Thank you gentlemen. :)


Getting "familiar" with the kit. Fantastic !


Took decisions concerning the layout : Nose engine panels removable, guns hatches closed, cockpit open, aft engine panels in open position for current ground

maintenance. Bombay closed.


Added the Eduard resin wheels to the goodies list.


One and only frustration : should have bought 2 boxes : one for an "all-open" version and the other for the sexy and streamlined silhouette.


Started to work on the landing gears.


Will post some pics asap.

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