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Do 335-C - Civil post war version


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Hello Gents !


Will be in with the Dornier Do335 ; one of my top-3 favorite German airplanes.


AM :

Eduard Brassin wheels,

Eduard masks,

RB productions seat-belts.



Nose engine panels removable, guns hatches closed, cockpit open, 2 aft engine panels in open position for current ground

maintenance. Bomb bay closed.



I usually build my models out of war context, and this one won't be an exception. No svatiska and no guns, just a beautiful and powerful Dornier Do335. Most likely and partially bare metal, with a home drew Nose Art inspired from ESHER's work :






Nose-art base :





Free-style artistic licensed for personal civil version of the Dornier.


Scheme is still in progress, but main idea is :





3 or 4 tone livery with at least 60% of the fuselage in NMF. 



Lately found something very inspiring :







Will see... :)



Thanks for checking in.




Laurent.  ;)

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Thank you for the support guys !






great scheme and rendering.  truly using plastic as a canvas for the creative process and inspiration.


Yes Rick, can't stick to the entire plan (if there is any). I'm putting all the interest in the plane's technical design, flying specifications and graphic appropriation. Rivet counting and war-history can wait a bit, we have tons of both.  ;)








Preparing a vectorized Dornier335 profile for further use. Can be useful.









Cheers !


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Thanks Jim.


Going for the Airscale instruments bezels, not a big fan of pre-painted.


Spent also a couple of hours to sort the exhaust pipes out. Strange...different shapes...no logic...oob............................................. ;)

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I like the merk and grime on top of that engine , very cool. what did you use ?


Thanks a lot Polsen. I use Ammo of Mig weathering enamels. Dark wash for green. Base is Alclad metallic paints.








Weren't all DB engines finished in black?



Hi Cees,


They were. I more on a freestyle painting mode... ;) Enjoying the build as i would love to see it... :)










Cheers guys.



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