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Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 Super Riveting Set

James H

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Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 Super Riveting Set
Catalogue # 321016
Available from HGW for 996Kč






Now, this release is maybe a little spuriously named, and what is contained within this pack is mostly not entirely new, perhaps except for HGW’s new ‘Wet Transfer’ inclusion, but that alone is reason enough to look at this new, comprehensive Riveting Set upgrade for the Hasegawa/Revell Fw 190D-9 kit. This is probably the most comprehensive non-scheme decal set for this release, also containing a set of laser-cut microfiber seatbelts.


This release is packaged into a clear, re-sealable sleeve that is just a little smaller than A4 in size, and also contains a thick card insert to prevent damage to the set whilst in your postman’s hands. HGW’s attractive presentation is carried over onto these super-releases, and all contents are clear to see over both the front and back of packet. A summary of what’s included is:


  • 321001, Riveting Set
  • 262004, Wet Transfer decal set
  • 132501, Standard Luftwaffe seatbelts


Riveting Set



This is essentially split into two parts, and forms the main component of this product. The rivets themselves are described by HGW as ‘positive rivets’. That of course means that they stand slightly proud of the surface, but no so much as to look wrong. Each rivet is an individual dot of glue, and every single area of the external airframe will be covered with these. To make things far easier for you, the exterior is broken down into sections, which are easily identifiable on the two rivet sheets that are supplied here. A separate sheet of illustrations shows where the specific panels fit to the model.




Before you can apply these, you must prime your model and ensure the surface is smooth. Each panel must now, in turn, have its backing film removed and then applied to the model as a regular decal, using decal setting solution. The latter is highly advised. After buffing down the panel onto the model, you leave this, and the carrier film in situ for 3 to 4 hours. After that time, you carefully remove the film, leaving ONLY the rivets on the surface…..nothing else! Any adhesive residue can be wiped away with water and a cotton bud. It’s that simple. I’ve used these before with excellent results. When you paint your model, you will see slight variations in the finish, where the rivets lie, and if you softly micromesh them, removing a little paint in places, this will look like some rivets do when the paint partially chips away from them.




As a sort of bonus, extra decals are also supplied for the control surfaces, specifically tailored in shape and size, to fit perfectly. When applied, these give the rib structures a better definition than is already moulded.



Wet Transfer decal set






This is HGW’s new technology which provides decals that are very much akin to how they would be if you were to apply masks and paint them. Of course, you can’t really mask for stencils due to the limitations of the cutter. Weeding out stencils, if they could be produced as masks, would also be tedious and cause raised blood pressure. HGW’s new system is to apply stencils exactly as with their rivet sets, meaning that all that’s left on your model is the link, and NO carrier film. Sound good? Along with masks for markings, this must be the ultimate finish. Stencil printing is excellent, with all text perfectly readable, even to my poor eyes. As well as stencils, there are dashed walkway lines and also options for stencils where records show they could vary. Absolutely top marks!




Now, along with the stencils, HGW have extended their decal technology to actual national markings, and a set are provided here too. These include Balkenkreuz and Hakenkreuz, with both size and style options available. Again, these are applied as per the stencils and rivet decals, and will leave no carrier film behind.




Printing is first rate, with solid colour and perfect registration.



Standard Luftwaffe Seatbelts



These will be no stranger to you. We’ve seen these many times before here on LSM. This packet contains one full set of laser cut, colour printed seatbelts on a paper backing (which must first be removed), and a single Eduard-produced PE fret.


If you’ve never used HGW seatbelts, then you really are missing out on an opportunity to add more realism to your projects. The new generation of their seatbelts are now all laser-cut, meaning you only need to snip them from their micro-fibre ‘fret’ The first thing you need to do (and some forget!) is to peel the thick paper backing from the textile sheet, and as you snip the various parts from the fret, scrunch them up in your fingers and then open them out again. This breaks any tension in the material, and allows them to be more realistically posed. You can now assemble the belts using small drops of CA, best applied on the end of a toothpick, or similar. Assembly is always very easy, with both textile and PE parts being identified by different colour markers on the assembly drawings. Unlike the RB Productions belts which are adjustable when complete, you will need to get a measure of your own specific model before setting any buckles and clasps into position, and then gluing them permanently.




Now, you can apply your belts to your model, using a little CA, and draping them in a realistic fashion. Once set, apply a coat of gloss varnish to them and weather them with oils. Apart from the extra realism, you will notice another little quirk. A whole range of laser-engraved stitching will now be easily seen! It’s quite difficult to see these unless you apply a wash.


In the near future, I plan to build a Hasegawa Fw 190D-9, in Russian colours, incorporating obliterated German markings. As these wet transfers seem to be thinner, I’m sort of hoping that they will be perfect for lying the Russian stars over. Anyway, they’ll certainly be tested, as will the entire set. So please watch out for that build here at LSM, and Military Illustrated Modeller magazine. HGW are a pretty innovative company, and I quite like to use their products where I can, so this will be an interesting build, and hopefully I can show you these products to good effect.


VERY highly recommended


My sincere thanks to HGW for this review sample. To purchase directly, click THIS link.



James H





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