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Bandai 1/12 Star Wars R2-D2


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Hello All,

Well I have completed another one of the Bandai Star Wars kits.

This time its the R2-D2 kit that comes in a 2 droid set of R2-D2 and R5-D4.


He builds in no time and shouldnt need paint. That said for the Chrome parts I used Alclad Chrome (sprayed over the coloured plastic) and for the dome of the head I used Alclad Duralumin as the silver plastci in both cases looks a bot toy like.


He comes our really well and I can really recommend these kits, theyre a change, really easy, very accurate it seems and come with all sorts of extra's.  He has arms and actuators as seen in the various films but I chose to leave him in his standard state.


Eventually I intend to weather him and C3-PO up and place them on a sand base doing them as if they have just climbed out the Escape Capsule at the start of Star Wars A New Hope.


Enough words, time for pictures.








And here he is with his companion




And finally with the other figures built so far.





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Such a great little kit, and you did a great job of it. 


With some Tatooine snd and shit, it will look amazing.


I noticed you crapped out on that decal that sits around the inner hexagonal fan recess ;) It was actually dead easy to fit!

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