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Unexpected item in the bagging area!


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Opportunity presented itself today and resistance to it proved to be futile, so I have a new addition to my kit collection.  I would like to get this kit built as I have never built a full resin kit yet, so will add it to the "Build List".  Kind of like one of those bucket lists, stuff just keeps going into the bucket faster than I can get the stuff in the bucket done!





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Had a chance to open up and take a close look at the kit this evening, it is superb. Highly detailed, excellent castings and the surface detail rivals or surpasses any ejection molding including Tamiya's recent 32nd scale kits.  Cleanup of the casting blocks will take some time but score lines have been incorporated into the molds and will help with that. Very impressed with the kit, the construction plans are also very well done with color pictures of building stages all located on a CD. I look forward to getting it on the Workbench in the future.



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