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ZM Raiden

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do335b6, Beautiful!

I have to admit I would love to build ZM aircraft, but I promised myself I would stick to one genre and brand - the house just isn't big enough! I will live the dream through your build though!

Colin, according to ZM it's all about the experience, he wants you to see the build in all it's glory for him it's all about the experience and he wanted to pass that on to fellow modellers.


His bio on ZM is very interesting.http://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/concept.html


Barking mad Jap-Lish but you get the idea - if you can read Japanese it makes a lot more sense :D

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I understand, It's not my first ZM kit and the Raiden is one of my Favorite planes. I'm hoping to make an improved cockpit and possibly some J2M5 conversions for the Hasegawa kits based off the detail in the ZM cockpit and some research I've done. All in all I will probably built 6 - 7 Raidens over the next few years. This one is a great place to start. 



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A bit more progress, I didn't realize all the shortcuts Hasegawa made unitil I started this kit. Lots of work especally in the cockpit need to be made to bring a Hase Raiden up to snuff with this kit. 























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I found pictures of an all Green one with yellow on the cowl flaps and end of the cowl and propeller spinner, A bit different from the standard all Green that most were. I think I'll do a cut away version on the future with the yellow lightning bolts on it. 



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