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Has HLJ Shipped 1:32 Tamiya Mossie?


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Has HLJ shipped any Tamiya Mossies? 


HLJ site has Mossie listed as "Order Stop".  Wondering if they followed through on their "revised" 30 Sept ship.


I cancelled my Mossie order a few weeks ago as availability missed two of my Wearhouse shipments. 




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i am one of the many 'cancelees' i think - switched to LuckyModel way back and my Mossie just arrived yesterday (surface mail)


it took a (very) long while, but the price was stupid cheap - nothing has come close that i had access to in the UK


i am unlikely to use HLJ again for anything to be honest:

messing me around with shipping dates, prices that aren't the best once you factor in shipping AND most importantly of all for me in UK, they always put full value on the package, so i get stiffed on customs

i realise this is not HLJ's fault per se, but it will drive me to use other vendors who are more laissez faire in their attitudes


on a more positive note, the Tamiya kit is fantastic!!

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Our Mossies came out to about USD$146ea from Lucky Model.  HLJ Mossie "pre order" was about USD$130 plus shipping.  After a couple guys bailed on our order I got nervous about getting rear ended on ship costs.  When LM offered USD$2 ship (surface mail) I gave HLJ the heave ho and placed order through LM.  Also got a discount for volume, USD$40 I think.


Hopefully ours will arrive soon, shipped 14 September.  Wonder how Surface Mail works across the Pacific?  Just sayin'.

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