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A.M.U.R. Reaver 1/32 Bf109G-10 Erla Correction Sets for Revell


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1/32 Bf109G-10 Erla Correction Set for Revell

A.M.U.R. Reaver


Catalog Number: RP3214

Price: $20.00 US

Available from A.M.U.R. Reaver





A.M.U.R. Reaver provided a correction set for Revell Bf 109G-6 to address a couple of shortcomings, most notably the incorrect MG spacing and the undersized Beule.  These items were nicely done and I thought they were definitely a worthwhile upgrade for the 1/32 G-6.  As you probably know Revell followed up the G-6 with an Erla G-10 that has been a very popular kit.  Unfortunately Revell carried over the same incorrect spacing for the MG 131s in their G-10 kit.  Additionally some people have questioned whether Revell actually captured the subtle contours of the Type 110 cowl correctly.  AMUR Reaver has once again stepped up with a replacement solution for these issues.  Unfortunately even though I consider myself a huge 109 enthusiast I really can't comment on this intelligently since I simply don't have enough information.  Since lack of knowledge has never really deterred me from opening my mouth to date though, let me say this about that.  When compared to photos the port forward section of the cowl looks a little malnourished to my eye.  Additionally the little kink that Revell puts just aft of the port side exhaust stack doesn't appear to be present on photos of Erla G-10's that I've seen (this will inevitably lead to a photo proving me wrong).  Now on the flip-side, Lynn Ritger, who is a very well respected 109 guru and a published author on the subject, and incidentally one of the consultants that Revell brought on for their 1/32 Gustavs, has said that Revell based their cowl design on an existing Type 110 cowl.  So there you go.  As with many other facets of the 109, it is up to you gentle reader to determine which is correct and if you want to part with your hard earned sheckles for this tasty piece of resin.  Please have a look at the website here to have a look for yourself, AMUR Reaver has a side by side comparison of the kit cowl section versus their item (I apologize for not posting directly here but they do have a copyright symbol on the photos and since I don't have permission to post them here I'll respect that).


Now as far as the quality, the parts look really well done.  Cast in cream resin, the parts are crisp and sharp and panel lines and other small details are well done and faithfully reproduced.  They've also hollowed out the air intakes on the cowl, whereas they're molded solid on the kit cowl.  Now, this set is advertised for the G-10 but looking at the way they've designed it I would hazard a guess and say you could use this with the G-6.  The instructions have you cut off the kit part where you attach the "cheeks" cowl section for the G-6 anyway.  I have not committed to cutting plastic for a good dry fit but some careful observation with my eyeballs and rough measurements says it will fit.  Why use a G-6 Mike, you ask?  Well the Revell G-6 comes with a tall tail anyway, additionally many Erla G-10s were fitted with the small wing bumps and the 660 x 160 wheels in the G-6 kit.  So this would save having to use resin wing inserts.  Of course you'd need to secure the larger VDM 9-12159 propeller blades, but I'm not a big fan of the kit parts anyways and BarracudaCast and AMUR Reaver both make some very nice replacement spinners and propeller blades.






Also included is a new supercharger intake and an insert for the oil cooler.






So what's the verdict?


The set is exceptionally well done, the casting quality is superb.  So do you need this?  I don't think anyone is going to beat you up and steal your lunch money for sticking with the kit cowl.  However if you're like me and think maybe the shape of the kit cowl just isn't quite right then I'd recommend pulling the trigger.


Highly Recommended


Review copy courtesy of my wallet.


If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller!

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Thanks Mike ...


Been waiting for this one! ... Reveal kit parts always looked a little off to me ... These 'Reaver' corrections are a work of art - for both kits!


Rog :)


I'm a little slow Rog, but better late than never!  I still owe you a review of the spinner and propeller blades, I'll have that up this weekend.

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Looks promising, no shrinkage on the parts that you can see? That ruined a couple of aftermarket spinners (from a different mfg) for me.


Erik, initial dry-fits looked good but you know you never can tell until you take the plunge.  I'll post an update when I actually get one put together.

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