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Meteor T.7, RNZAF on Cyprus, 1952

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I'll be using this spot to convert the beautiful Meteor Mk.4 kit to a T.7 trainer using the Fisher Models conversion due out in Feb/March 2016.  The build will be OOB aside from the conversion and sourcing any numbers/letters for the markings as needed.  This will go as WL400 or WH206 - one of the two RNZAF-leased T.7's that we used on Cyprus from 1952-1955.  It's a bit of a boring paint scheme - overall high-speed silver with yellow fuselage and wing bands, small serials and what appears to be very minimal stenciling.


Photo and info from http://www.adf-serials.com.au/nz-serials/nzmeteorT7.htm


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A journey of a thousand... uh, rivets (?)... starts with some cutting! After confirming with Paul Fisher which panel lines to cut on, the nose was disconnected faster than Michael Jackson's after sunbathing too long (too soon? :lol: ) Since the only piece to worry about in the rear fuselage assembly was the rudder, it too is now assembled and what's left of the fuselage is glued together.






Not using the 757 for scale, I just felt like showing it off. Maiden rules!

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