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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

1/32 Pacific Coast Focke Wulf Ta152 C-0

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Yep the was some fit problems around the wing to fuselage at the bottom

where the wheel wells are!

And also the fuselage halves were about off but I enjoyed it even with its shortcomings it's an

enjoyable build and I managed to obtain it for good deal at the time!

It has good panel lines and if I had the opportunity I would build another!

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Thanks,well this one I took my time over but managed to get done fairly quick for me I think about 3 weeks end to end I could not put it down!

It was a better model than I thought and for some reason heavier but the fit problems were a shame!

But what inspired me with this project was the painting or rather weathering of the prop blades and tires.

I viewed a Zoukei version 152 model at Hornchurch model show and the modeller had weathered the edges of the blades extremely well it had an effect of the propeller like it had just stopped so I tried to emulate on my model.

The tire technique I quite enjoyed so used it on this one as well,so I can't take credit for all but just nice to share ideas and experiment a little!

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