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109G-6/AS What do I need?


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Aaron, for a quick and dirty G-6/AS, use the Hasegawa or Trumpeter G-10 with the G-6 propeller blades, small wing bumps and G-6 wheels (660x160) this will get you pretty darn close.  You'll also want to use the smaller oil cooler too I believe. 


Steve is probably aware of couple smaller details that I'm missing but that's the biggies IIRC.

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Cheers!, Would a Revell G-10 be OK? Got several in the stash?


No, the Revell is an Erla which has a different panel behind the top 'bumps'. G-6AS had the 'regular' panel. Not an easy fix.


I THINK there is something with the small bumps on the cowl bottom in front of the cooler - but if they are supposed to be there or supposed to go I cannot remember :-)

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The others are pretty much correct Aaron...


The Hasegawa G-10 kits will get you the closest (there is a Has.G-14/AS kit but it's the same contents as the G-10 boxings.) The Revell G-10 represents a specific variant made only by the Erla factory, in which every panel forward of the firewall is noticeably different from all other G-10's. At the moment there is no kit on the 1/32nd market that specifically represents the G-6/AS variant.


Most of the parts required are already included in the Hasegawa G-10 kit; such as narrow prop blades, short tail wheel, narrow MLG tyres and small wingtop kidney bulges. The main problems you will encounter; are lack of shallow oil cooler, the forward under chin bulges that will need to be removed, and the rear fuselage upper spine that is wider on the G-10 and K variants (if that bothers you).


Let us know your specific bird if you have references, we may be able to help further if we can narrow down a Werk Number range...



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Barracuda Studios G-6 radiator will work. The Trumpeter kit also lacks the narrow MLG wheels and tyres, standard prop blades, and small kidney bulges for the wing tops. However the separate lower engine cowling may make it easier to remove the bulges, or substitute another from a Trumpy G-6 kit. Most of the other missing features are available through Barracuda, Eagle Editions etc.


Both of your choices are early /AS machines, with the early one-piece canopy that had the extra jetison brace fitted at the rear of the cockpit, this will need to be scratched if you wish to include it. The overall black machine has decals available from Pastor John/AIMS, not sure about the Oesau bird though.



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Thanks Steve. Got the trumpy G-6 in the stash and building one at the moment as well. Got several replacement props from various suppliers and also wheels and small kidney bulges from Alleycat.


I use Makatar masks for codes etc so no need for decals.


Best I start gathering the various bits up now. Thanks again.

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