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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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Posting a few pics of the Meng Komet. Super quick little build (? maybe 10 days total) & one more dent in my burgeoning stash. I bought the Hasegawa kit as well but there really is no comparison - the Meng kit is far superior with (imho) just one major flaw and that's the clear parts (canopy & side windows). The canopy is designed to have the frame glued to the clear section and the side windows are molded without a frame (the frame being integrally molded into fuselage) making it very challenging to glue in the completely clear insert - just poor design and lack of modeler's perspective in my opinion. I was able to tackle these problems by using the replacement resin canopy from Hph and (carefully!) painting the edges of the side windows before using "glue stix" to gently insert them into place with micro/crystal/clear.

I didn't try to model any particular aircraft, just wanted to play with the airbrush and add a 163 to my collection. Painted national insignia over Tamiya acrylic colors.

Hope you like.

Regards to all from a wet Southern California this morning ...

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