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Prototype Spiteful from reject castings

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I thought I would share these images of a completed project for a near neighbour of mine, He was one of my first customers and while not an avid aircraft modeller he bought a kit as a momento.

I returned the favour by building him a completed aircraft from the reject castings that either had a bubble in or had cracked on removal from the mould, fortunately I get a lot less of those now!

I decided the plane needed a base so did a concrete hard standing with a bit of grass showing, the grass flock material I used is a bit too bright for my liking but is all that was available in my local modelshop, having chucked out all my realistic Architectural scatter earlier in the year! [ Doh]

BTW the size of the concrete square's behind where I live that used to have Lancasters on them are 10ft x 10ft.

The aircraft depicted is the first true Spiteful as against the previous MK14 Spitfire fitted with the new wings. It is in its later guise with the larger and more familiar tail, the black anti dazzle strip is prototypical and I was going to leave this off but glad I didn't as it gives it a sort of racing look. The cockpit interior and wheel wells are interior green which I'm sure weren't but adds a nice to contrast to the silver.





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